Recharge for Milna Swiss Prepaid Sim Card

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  • Recharges for the  Milna Swiss Prepaid Sim Card
  • You can order as much recharges as you wish.
  • You will get the recharge coupon by email or SMS or from the Milna person accompanying the Sim Card holder.

Communication cost when the user is in Switzerland:

  • Each minute costs 0.01 to 0.05 CHF (~0.679 to ~3.397 BTN) to call Bhutan
  • Each minute costs 0.35 to 0.45 CHF (~23.78 to ~30.5775 BTN) to call Swiss Landline & Mobile
  • Each call has a fixed Connection Charge of 0.24 CHF (~16.308 BTN)
  • SMS to Bhutan costs 0.24 CHF (~16.308BTN)
  • SMS to Switzerland costs 0.09 to 0.15 CHF (~6.1155 to ~10.1925 BTN)
  • Data: 0.1 CHF/Mo (~ 6.795 BTN)
  • Incoming calls are always free
  • No roaming fee in Switzerland

Communication cost calculated with a rate of 1 CHF= 67.95 BTN

Shipping: This product is virtual and will be recharged directly in your Sim card